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when it comes to marketing, we know that it's based on strategy, right? while this is true, we also back our research and designs with science. we are continually learning about new and upcoming innovations in design, marketing, printing and more. this curiosity and education puts us apart from the rest. let us work with you to get the cogs turning and crank out some curious creativity.
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some things to think about...

85% of millenials

have a greater tendency to purchase from companies that share their values.
*Gen Buy: Millennials projected to spend $1.4 trillion as influence grows. bizjournals.com.

82.2 million tons

of waste is created by paper and packaging in 2018.
*Environmental Protection Agency. (2020). Paper and Paperboard: Material-Specific Data. EPA.

88% of business cards

given out are thrown away within one week.
*Scott, E. D. (2016, October 26). 4 Business Card Statistics that Will Make You Rethink Your Strategy. Adobe Blog.


Holly Holden
San Diego, CA
MJ has a rare combination of creativity and cooperation that makes her a delight to work with. Not only is she a fantastic designer, but she takes the extra time to walk clients and stakeholders through the methodology and the why behind her work, leaving everyone feeling confident and excited about the work she's done. On top of her creativity, she's a master of many other talents; time management, clear communication, and teamwork are all on lock. And perhaps most importantly, MJ has one of the kindest hearts I've ever encountered in my personal and professional lives. I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a bright, ambitious, and charismatic designer.
Nina Cristobal
San Diego, CA
Her bright and energetic aesthetic has lent itself to beautiful logos and graphic design work, and I’m constantly inspired by her go-getter attitude, collaborative spirit, and advanced proficiency across a wide range of design skills. She excels at identifying areas that can be streamlined to make things easier for others. Not only is MJ an enthusiastic and supportive team player; she also possesses an incredibly kind heart. I am always blown away by her thoughtfulness and natural inclination to check in on every coworker’s well-being. I’ve truly enjoyed working with her and hope I have the opportunity to collaborate with her again in the near future.
Davia Sobelman
Wonderist Agency
MJ and I worked on countless design projects together at Wonderist Agency. She always brought innovative designs that followed the clients brand and story. MJ excelled at exploring new ideas and was reliable in producing high quality work. Aside from her clear talent, MJ constantly strives to change the industry with her passion for sustainability and natural curiosity. She is a trailblazer in everything she puts her mind to, and I'm excited to see what she conquers next!
Michael Anderson
Founder, Wonderist Agency
Not only is MJ a fantastic designer but she has a great way with clients. She’s easy to work with, process focused, and meets her deadlines. MJ can always be trusted to help provide positive encouragement to those around her and will be a great addition to the culture of any team she joins!
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“We needed a template that reflected our dedication to beauty.”

Harper Price
Business Owner
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